Magnetic Charging Cable

STOP wasting more money on broken charging cables!


It always happens, you reach out to your 3-month charging cable and you notice that it started to break from the point between the cable and the head. Then you decide to get yourself another one to finally figure out that it breaks from the very same point. At last, you make your mind on purchasing the most expensive charging cable, because the most expensive lasts forever! But to your shock, it took it few extra months to break from the same junction between the cable and the head.


Finally, you come to a realization that the only SOLUTION is to replace the plastic material of the cable into another one that never breaks, and to cut the junction between the the cable and the head (and place a magnet maybe!)


This is all about this Magnetic Charging Cable. A strong magnet is placed instead of the week junction. It is strong enough to secure the charging and data transfer, yet it will detach once a high pulling force is applied to it. The cable is also made from a very high quality braided NYLON. It never knots and it has passed 10,000+ bending tests.

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Your Charging Cable consists of two parts :

- The cable (only differs in color and length)

- The plug (iPhone, Type-C & Micro USB) depending on you phone

How to know the right plug for my device?

You can quickly find out the type of your plug by searching for it, or you can use this quick guide to know it.


This model, which separates the plug from the cable, has a great advantage on your charging port. You can leave the plug fixed to your charging port all the time, and this way, you will protect it from dust and from loosening that happens along with putting and pulling the cable each time your charge your device, which happens with conventional cables.

Using this cable only requires one hand. You only need to point the cable towards the plug and voila.. Charging! You can benefit from this feature while driving or while doing anything where your hand is just busy.

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Unlike the first generation of Magnetic Charging Cables, this one supports multiple point connection in order to be capable of transferring data. It is also supported with a new chip that upgrades to 3A-charging for a faster process.


CHOOSE your favorite color, your plug type and the cable length from below.